Harold C Wolff, Inc has a long history in the Hardware and Locksmith industries dating back to 1863 when it started as a Tinsmith Shop.

Our History

We gradually became a full hardware distributor in 1902 & from the 80’s we are one of the Largest distributor of Locksmith Supplies and Key Blanks in Downtown NYC .

We have survived the Two World Wars , The Stock Market Crash ,that lead to the Great Depression ,The Sept 11 tragedy ,in which we lost many of our customers and the 2008 Recession, but we are still one of the viable Hardware and Locksmith supplier in the NYC area always striving for improvements to meet all our loyal customers need no matter where you are .

Our Team

Our team has strong leadership being lead from the front by Steven Kleinfeldt and Toolaram Gaj .Steven took over from his father Alvin Kleinfeldt who began working with the company on February 12 ,1952 .They are always working around the clock to keep up with the globalization and technological changes in our environment and to pass it on to our customer with service second to none. We continue to do timely delivery on a daily basis around locations in NYC and overnight shipping via UPS.

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